Getin is an architecture and interior design atelier created that is part of GETECNO group, an architectural firm formed in 1968, that operates in the European, North American and African markets.

Getin was created in 2007 by Architect Joana Conceição to design and develop custom-made spaces and scenarios. Our brand mirrors our ambition: to challenge you joining a world of opportunities to transform and make the best of your space.

We want to bring you a new world within your own!

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Joana Conceição, Founder

Joana Conceição


Hi, I’m Joana and I have created Getin in 2007.
I’m an architect with complementary training in Interior design and Bioclimatic Architecture.

My work is a blend of creativity, innovation and quality, resulting from my extensive experience and artistic mindset.

My team believes that each project should be unique and personalized, where the comfort and sophistication are fundamental elements in the settled scenarios.