TFD apartment

120m2 apartment in the heart of Campo de Ourique, Lisbon. A total remodeling of the space was carried out, involving deep construction works to adapt the apartment to a family home.


Campo de Ourique, Lisbon

4 months

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TFD apartment | Family room and kitchen

Family room & kitchen

Considering the original plan, the apartment’s limited dimensions and the request to create a family space/environment, there was the need to merge the living room with the kitchen. The inclusion of ‘sucupira’ wooden floor allowed a warmer environment and the kitchen’s ‘lioz’ marble stone brought together beauty and functionality.

TFD apartment | Main bedroom
TFD apartment | Bathroom 1
TFD apartment | Bathroom 2
TFD apartment | Main bedroom
TFD apartment | House plan - original
TFD apartment | House plan - proposal