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Benformoso apartment

Two apartments in the center of Restauradores. The project had ‘the theater’ as its main theme, since these apartments are located in an historical theatre and shows area.


Mouraria, Lisbon

4 months

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Benformoso apartment | Dining room area
Benformoso apartment | Kitchen area
Benformoso apartment | Bathroom

Living room vs kitchen

Walls demolishing and rearrangement brought additional natural light and perception of space to the apartment. ‘Santo André’ structure was restored in order to keep the original elements.

Benformoso apartment | Main bedroom
Benformoso apartment | Main bedroom
Benformoso apartment | Main bedroom details

Second bedroom

Considering the very limited space on the bedroom, a built-in cabinet was designed inside an existing door. Also, an original window we kept in order to bring natural light inside the room.

Benformoso apartment | House plan - original
Benformoso apartment | House plan - proposal